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About us

Our company is located in Slovakia. We are engaged in wholesale supply of fluorinated gases including new-generation ones. There are environmentally compatible formulations that do not harm the atmosphere and global climate.

We import the new generation of HFOs. They do not deplete the ozone layer and do not persist in the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. You can buy environmentally safe hydrofluoroolefins wholesale from our company.

The products are supplied from Chinese, Malaysian and Japanese factories. They have certificates meeting the highest European standards. Use of modern environmentally friendly HFO increases the equipment energy efficiency, avoids the harmful impact on the global climate.

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Fluorinated gases

F-gases containing chlorine deplete the ozone layer, aggravating the greenhouse effect.
Our company only supplies approved substances.
The mixture quality is strictly controlled during manufacturing.
The composition exactly meets the approved standards.

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(Рackaging: 12kg)


(Рackaging: 12kg)


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(Рackaging: 12kg)

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Terms of delivery of our F-gases

We deliver products promptly. We process applications quickly to ship your order to the specified address. It is possible to buy F-gases, including hydrofluoroolefins, from our company under the following conditions:

• The container volume is 12 kg; but we can supply gas in cylinder volumes from 10 kg to 13 kg at the customer’s request;

• Cylinders are made of a damage-proof steel alloy tested at the facility;

• Each cylinder is packed into a cardboard box;

• 47 cylinders are put onto a pallet and covered in plastic;

The products are of high quality and are accompanied by the necessary documents. We only cooperate with proven, responsible manufacturers.

This allows our products to meet the strict requirements of global standards.

We use only reusable containers

Our company supplies authorized HFCs wholesale in refillable cylinders. The law prohibits sale of fluorine-containing gases in disposable cylinders. Such cylinders are only used for smuggling of goods that cause great harm to the environment.

Since 2007, it has been prohibited to import HFCs in disposable cylinders into the EU. This is due to the presence of about 10% of gas in disposable cylinders. This gas is then released into the atmosphere resulting in significant climatic changes. We supply F-gases in refillable cylinders in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

Full compliance with EU laws

There are global programs that limit or completely exclude use of certain types of F-gases. There are the following basic documents that govern the purchase, sale, application of F-gases in the European Union:

1. The Montreal Protocol, which was worked out to prevent the ozone layer depletion, withdraws or completely prohibits use of CFCs, HCFCs and halons.

2. EU regulation No. 517/2014 regarding F-gases, which sets out the program to reduce emissions of greenhouse F-gases. By 2030, this indicator is expected to be reduced by 2/3 as compared with 2014.

In our activity, our company takes into account all regulatory requirements that govern the F-gas turnover in the EU market. Our products are certified according to the REACH Regulation.
We only supply HFCs that are approved for operation, environmentally compatible gases.

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